Diversity is the main thing that differentiates the multicultural Christian church.  Being one with Christ through the word of God is the main objective of the multicultural Christian churches.  Programs for house praise and worship is one way to connect with God. Although there are many challenges, multicultural churches are growing at a very high rate.  Since the multicultural Christian churches preach and teach according to the Bible, they are the church of the word.  Here in this article we'll highlight the key characteristics that set the multicultural Christian churches apart.  
The leadership of the multicultural Christian church helps its members become more empowered. The multicultural Christian church type of leadership promotes diversity of individuals and teams.  To make all the members one with the body of Christ is what the multicultural Christian churches seek to achieve. To keep that relationship between God and people the multicultural church ensures that everyone interested is given an opportunity to interact and work together with other church members.

The church leadership reflects the diverse nature of the church members. The things that make the church members diverse include age, ethnicity, education, skills, race among others. Multicultural Christian churches give every church member an opportunity to be one with Christ despite the diversity.  

There's an obvious strategy to deal with cases of dispute at every level in the multicultural Christian churches. To address conflicts, the multicultural Christian churches got to follow the right procedures and strategies.  Before a decision is made regarding any issue in the church, the top leadership which constitutes diverse church members must come together and agrees what's the best thing to do.    Each type of conflict could be handled in accordance to the set policies and procedures.  

Multicultural Christian churches are very concerned with the future.  The multicultural Christian churches conduct the recruitment and training of the young leaders who are expected to take over the mantle of leadership in the future.  By training the young leaders, the multicultural Christian churches help avoid the shortage of leaders in the future.  

Since the multicultural Christian churches constitute of diverse members of the society, the church focuses on the diversity management and organizational change.  The challenges that might be presented by the organizational change with regard to the church are addressed by the church leaders through the guidance of the policies set.

The leaders of the church are charged with the role of defining and legitimizing and revising the vision, mission and values of the church.  The statements that define the direction and practice of the church have to be revised by the church leaders for each and every generation. Learn more about Multicultural Christian Church here: